Frank Vega, is an Ecuadorian-born multidisciplinary artist currently living in Chicago. He received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Vega's artwork deals with topics concerning identity and his different cultural background. The various paintings and sculptures Vega creates allows for a new look into ourselves and people we encounter every day.

Artist Statement

Many artists explore the genre of portrait representation to better understand themselves often breaking tradition. These new ways of thinking have emerged through the use of new techniques, mediums as a tool of communication.

Though my paintings and sculptures, you can see topics of race and class by putting figures into spaces where they did not exist before. To better understand the historical, social, and cultural context of our time. This approach is done to challenge and complicate the tradition of portraiture to bring issues of race, power, and politics to the fourth front. Some of the gestures bring questions about art institutions and their inclusion of people of color in their exhibitions. As an artist of color, I feel this is a unique approach because we don’t often find ourselves in these spaces.

When I paint, I start with structural marks that ground the composition’s overall look. These marks stay away from natural human appearances to let the paint and process reveal new characteristics. For me, the combination of dissimilar marks represents our different bodies and how they exist within the environment. The search for new representations of what is uncommonly familiar comes from my own experience of moving to a new country having to interact with people from distinct cultures, appearances, and social status.